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Scam fud? Follow the money!

We like to imagine easycrypto as a place where people combine their efforts to achieve a common goal.

For this reason, we invite everyone not to invest money that he/she can not afford to lose.

Easycrypto is designed for teamwork. The platform profit comes from the profits of its subscribers, without conflict of interest (we earn if you earn, no premine).

However, we are aware of how many scams today are offered to people (not necessarily online, sometimes even in banks!). 

For this reason, we have immediately focused on the best way to offer a transparent management of money and profits.

At any time, it will be possible for subscribers to check all the transactions, the cold storage wallets, the transactions made by the platform, directly through the user portal, or using external software such as wallets made available for crypto currencies, or the platform of forex trading.

This diagram lets you understand how money circulates in easycrypto.

With EasyCrypto, you can monitor independently what's happening on the platform.

In addition, we will always be at your disposal in the telegram chat reserved for subscribers to keep you informed about all the initiatives and operations carried out in Easycrypto so you can stay up to date and stay up-to-date with what happens in the crypto space.

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